Metal Arts

| How it began |

Dino Lee, the founder of Metal Arts,has devoted to the aerospace precision industry  three decades in Taiwan.Through these years,he found out that everything impermanent as change is the only constant in nature - while the market environment keep getting out, the culture issue has gradually declined in Taiwan.Therefore,he keep thinking how to combine with the presision technology and the Taiwanese cultural then take it to the world.

At a great opportunity,Dino Lee got a traditional puzzle games,Luban Lock.The luban lock is a triaxial-combination blocks designed with the tenon technology of contruction in ancent chinese.There are lots of forms in the Luban Lock technology.Among all of them,which called six-burr puzzle is the most classic one.

Among all the existing products,Dino Lee had found that the wooden Luban locks sold in the market is too loose to construct and difficult to assemble.Therefore,he figured out if there is a chance to manufacture by CNC technology with precision instruments.So the assembly would be more precise and smooth.


| What's inside the crafts |

Furthermore,it also occurred to him that the Luban lock is not only the presentation of the lock way but also symbolizing the spirit "team work" in the social community.Every components plays an important parts in order to gel together,just like everyone has their own duty to make.

To build a wonderful team,it's necessary to follow the certain order like respecting the wise and inheriting the past and bring it to the future.It's the same rules as the assembly in six-burr puzzle.As a result,doing something perfeactly may related to the cooperation in the team work.

In addition,the last component as a "key",is to symbolize like a key man in the team.The misson of the key man is to insure the whole thing completeness and examine the products if it's perfect enough.Thus,we usually costomize the name at the last component to show the great respect for the recipient.

| What's more |

In addition to the six-burr puzzle,there is another representative product-"Haldis".The haldis also means the teamwork as the levi puzzle. Yet what's the diffrence is that the six components of haldis are the same.

While assembling,you must divide the six components into two groups.Then the two groups are combined to form a spherical haldis.Just like the people in a team,from the individuals to the social teamwork,each members gets into an improtant parts.There can't be a flawless without any of the them.

| Metal arts in Taiwan |

Luban lock made by Metal Arts also has an important feature,adding a magnetic into the components.Just like to inject a invisible power of coherence,it build a team together tightly. let the members move on together to acheive the dreams.

Overall,We do our efforts to produce the Luban lock,not only to present the highly percision of CNC technology but express the culture of teamwork spirit.Furthermore,the creative director Dino Lee has added a exclusive technology.In order to allow the guest have a wonderful experience during the playing time.Our goal is to promote the Taiwanese culture and the traditional crafts into the world,make a great contribution to Taiwan.


Product Features

  • use AL-6000 series of aerospace aluminum alloy
  • Made with extremely high precision aerospace and defense precision processing equipment
  • Exclusive patented magnetic locating structure
  • Precision laser engraving technology, customized production
  • More than 30 years of experience in metal craftsman R & D design