About metal metarial


Aluminum is a rich metal element on the earth.It's a major material for aviation,contruction and automobile.Our company run the industry for aviation precision technology for three decades.We adapt the aluminum alloy materials which are high-grade series to produce Luban locks and metal arts.

| Introduction of Aluminum |

●series of 6000

It is an Al-Mg-Si alloy, a medium-strength structural alloy with good corrosion resistance, which can be welded and processed, and can be used on vehicles, ships, marine transportation, building materials, sporting goods, etc.

●series of 7000

It has a good welding performance, and can be used to the heat treatment and strengthening. We adopt this to be used in the manufacture of welded structures that must require both high strength and high fracture toughness, such as trusses, rods, and containers for transportation vehicles.Also the large heat exchangers, and some components  that cannot be solidified after welding; For the manufacture of sports equipment, such as tennis rackets and softball bats.


●7075系列 :